A homeopathic formula to reset your metabolism and activate the hormonal master key to sustainable weight loss.


  • Lose Weight Sustainably: Reset Your Hormonal Set Point and Activate Your Metabolic Master Keys

    So many people struggle with their weight. They diet for a period of time and their weight goes down... and then goes up.... And then goes down... and then goes back up.. And so on.

    Why is that?

    It’s because you have a set point for your weight, like a thermostat.

    It is regulated by your endocrine system, which secretes a complex cocktail of hormones that govern your weight “set point.” If you go below your set point, your body works hard to put the weight back on to get you back to “normal.”

    No matter how much you diet or restrict your calories, the weight comes back because you haven’t addressed the master key to your metabolism – your “thermostat” that determines your weight set point.

    This is a very difficult problem to solve with conventional medicine. Your endocrine system is extremely sensitive and injecting hormones can create more problems than it solves.

    That’s why Dr. Minkoff uses Optimum Weight Management drops for many of his patients struggling with their weight.

    It is a homeopathic formula designed to gently stimulate your endocrine centers to activate the master keys of your metabolism – and reset your weight thermostat set point.

    This special formula stimulates your hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and thyroid the major centers that influence hunger, weight gain, fat storage, and metabolism.

    The food you eat has a tremendous influence on your hormonal balance, so this formula is designed to work with our Optimum Weight Management Diet plan (included).

    The combination of a healthy diet with this homeopathic formula can reset your hormonal control centers, you can finally stop fighting your body and begin losing weight naturally and effortlessly.


Optimum Weight Management Formula


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