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SLim Sculpt


A Non-invasive body contouring effectively removes excess fat by targeting and shrinking fat cells with no pain and no downtime in relaxing easy ten minute treatments. 


Slim sculpt provides all-natural solutions to body contouring and pain management. Our signature product features Red and InfraRed LED lights that target fat cells, for natural elimination from the body.

You can now lose inches and feel great while embarking on a lifestyle changing program of health and wellness!

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Goal Setting Consultation

At Slim Sculpt Studios, we acknowledge that everyone is on a different path towards personal wellness, and therefore we developed a solution based on each individual.  The goal setting consultation is the first step in each client’s journey, allowing our trained staff to understand expectations and optimal outcomes. 


Want to hear more about Slim Sculpt? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

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