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Super Slim Bee Pollen is our “golden child”, formulated by a privately hired chemist to show results like “older bee pollen supplements” such as Oasis Bee Pollen, La’Trim Bee Pollen, Zi Xiu Tang.

We formulated this bee pollen supplement with the customer in mind! This product is STRONG to provide you with the utmost potent appetite control, energy, and detox.

Using a unique set of ingredients, Super Slim with Bee Pollen will have you seeing Super Fast Results in your clothes & inches without much “work” regarding diet and exercise. We do encourage a lower carb diet for even faster results and don’t forget the water! Drink at least half your body weight in ounces a day.

Your body needs to DETOX and it can not do that without water!

Take one capsule in the morning and a second capsule at lunch time if needed! Most people only need one capsule a day but the 2nd capsule is optional. This would be a 2 month supply if only taking one capsule a day!


Super Slim

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